About us

We came on the scene in 2018 to get energy on the move. Constant connectivity is the new norm for everyone and we thought to ourselves that someone shouldn't be bound to their batteries, bank accounts, or misled by a power bank's capacity. We mean what we say and stick to our product descriptions as well as our nerdy hearts.

But, enough of that. We're a gang of techno-goons that decided to build our ideas and give us something to do on the weekends...well now it's a 24/7 job and we couldn't be happier! We're the kind of people who sit around after work and keep toying with how to improve it, we don't binge Netflix as much as we binge on trade shows.

Energy on the move really describes what we're all about: power banks, wall chargers, and USB cables. Ways to keep your devices powered up for a life on the go. But, that is just where we're starting!

Although we're bigger and fancier than where we started in 2018, we're still the old gang of technology-obsessed nerds that are way to into this stuff and but the way we nerd out after hours, who knows what we'll make next! We get excited about how to keep power banks smaller but jam more battery capacity into them. We brainstorm about what kinds of people are in need and how to satisfy them.

We nerd hard, we nerd for everyone, and we've nerded from the beginning.