Alpino Data Cables

Buy USB data cables Online to keep your gadget going all-day long

Not to worry when carrying Alpino cables in your bag, suitcase or car. These are required all day long for one or the other task. Your gadget is never going to ditch you when you are needing it the most. Nylon Braided extra long and beautiful chords are here to help you. Different materials like Soft PU, Nylon, and silicone etc have been used to design their looks.

Shop with us to make things better for you. Affordable prices of high-quality products are what you'll be delivered. Make the most out of it to use it as a USB or AUX it data cables.

ALPINO Cables Key features:-

  • Our cables are designed with thickness to ensure durability and strength in the long run
  • It checks signal quality at its best
  • Made to Quick charge, this optimal cord is beautifully designed in different designs and color variants
  • The tough Nylon Braiding is done to secure the connectivity of two ends
  • Make your file transfers super easy and quick
  • Compatible with all phones and systems
  • Connecting two computers is not a tough task. Let it do that
  • A wide variety to choose from
  • iPhone compatible
  • Ensure safe Data transmission
  • High-quality connectors
  • Reliable charging

Types of Data Cables Available with us:-

All Alpino Data Cables are 1.2 meters long and give 2.1Amp output. Each one comes with a 12-month standard manufacturing Warranty. Listed below are their details:-

Product Code: 1.2m Zebra thread
Product Type: USB connector
Material: Zebra thread
Colour: Red

Product Code: 1.2m Nylon
Product Type: Tough USB cable
Material: Nylon Braided
Colour: White

Product Code: 1.2m Soft PU
Product Type: Micro USB cable
Material: Soft PU
Colour: Green

Product Code: 1.2m Zebra
Product Type: Data Sync Micro USB cable
Material: Zebra Nylon braided
Colour: Black

Product Code: 1.2m Soft PU
Product Type: All micro USB device connector
Material: Soft PU
Colour: Blue

Product Code: 1.2m Zebra matt
Product Type: USB device connector, high speed 480 Mbps cable
Material: Zebra Matt
Colour: Black

Product Code: 1.2m Nylon
Product Type: All Micro USB device connector
Material: Nylon braided
Colour: Golden, Black

Product Code: 1.2m Silicone
Product Type: All Micro USB device connector
Material: Soft Silicone
Colour: Black, Red

Our wide range of USB cables come with Trust + Durability + Warranty + Compatibility.