We bring together a group of 150 bright young individuals who show exceptional intellectual
ability and leadership potential from across the country, and train them to become content
creators that ultimately sells in the real market.
So if you have got the passion and genius for blogging and strategy, We at Alpino , a young
company dealing in mobile accessories, present you with the opportunity here. Join our Alpino
Leaders Squad and prove your knack for curating content for our brand and if you’re
exceptionally good at it - we’re more than happy to share our revenue with you.
What will you do?
We have planned this internship in 4 sprints phases-

Google Doc Available here.

1) Selection of Alpino Leaders Squad (strategically and geographically)
We’re looking for real good talent, someone who can sell water to a fish. Show us you’re
2) Launch (Induction) A brief introduction about our brand and products and the market that we’re going to cater to.
3) Strategizing Content Creation In accordance to your understanding of the market, you will be curating/experimenting with the content that you might think will help us increase the sales of Alpino products. (Have a look at our products at
4) Measuring your performance We will measure your performance under various metrics with students across multiple colleges.
So if you incessantly dream of starting your own blog or channel, then getting a hands on
experience shouldn’t hurt. It's the perfect opportunity for you to practice before you dive into something like this full time.
PS - It’s not an internship where we’d ask you to get likes/comments on our instagram/facebook
posts but definitely one where you’re expected to create content which will sell - and you’ll make
money out of it (cos we believe in sharing - we make sales, you make money)