Want your cellphone battery to last? Top tips to keep your battery juiced up

Given the importance of mobile devices in day-to-day work, keeping cellphones charged throughout the day has become essential. If you often struggle to keep your phone battery charged all day long, here are certain tips to help you keep your battery juiced up for a long duration.

1. Start with a Full Charge

Most people are out of mobile phone batteries because they forget to plug in their cellphones for charging overnight. Don’t make this mistake and always put your phone on charging while you go to sleep. Make sure you use a quality Alpino charger if your original phone charger is not working or misplaced. Charging your device with a good charger also plays a vital role to make your phone battery last longer. 

2. Turn off Background App Refresh

Another important thing to prevent your Smartphone’s battery from draining out is to turn your mobile apps off when you’re not using them. To do so, just tap on the Settings icon, go to “General” and then the “Background App Refresh.” Turn it off to prevent the power or battery wastage, especially when some of the apps are running in the background.  

3. Avoid Too Hot or Cold Temperature Conditions

If you unintentionally leave your phone in extremely hot or cold conditions, stop is right away, as it can strain the battery and shorten its life. Leaving your phone in the car is the worst culprit, especially when it's too sunny or cold outside.

4. Use Control Centre to Restrict Your Connections

On your phone’s lock screen, you have to swipe up from the bottom of your screen to get into the control centre. Now you’ll get into a system to turn on and off services like Bluetooth, AirDrop, Wi-Fi, etc. You can limit the use of all these three elements to enhance your batter’s life. Turn them off all at once and only use when required. 

5. Turn Off Your Phone! 

This may be absurd to some people but the best way to save power is to switch it off. While you cannot turn off your mobile phone all the time but in certain situations like a meeting, flight, attending a seminar, etc., you can switch off the device to save its battery. Once your cell phone is off, you also get curious about what’s happening around you.

Besides, do keep a good Alpino fast charger with you when you’re in a hurry and need immediate battery juice up. If you’re not in a hurry, do try these easy tricks to extend the battery of your cellphone.